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24 marca


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Klubokawiarnia Tam i z Powrotem

Antoniego Odyńca 71

Mokotów, Poland, 02-644

Life will surprise you if you leave it.
For example, I never imagined living in Warsaw.
But after to quit my job as an engineer in Argentina and traveling more than 7000 km around Europe, destiny brought me here. Now I’m ready to start a new journey but before to leave Warsaw I would like to invite you and share my personal experience as backpacker, hitchhiker and blogger.
Is it dangerous to travel alone? How much money is needed? Is it possible to earn money traveling around the world? What is the best destination?
A space to talk and share about these things and many more.
“Because not planning everything is also a plan.”

Hope to see you there!